AnyCAD Rapid SDK  2020
The Rapid CAD SDK
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ViewContext Class Reference

Public Member Functions

synchronized void delete ()
SceneManager GetSceneManager ()
long GetUpdateTicket ()
void SetUpdateTicket (long val)
Vector3 GetOrbitPivot ()
boolean GetFixedOrbitPivot ()
void SetFixedOrbitPivot (boolean val)
EnumMouseButton GetPanButton ()
void SetPanButton (EnumMouseButton val)
EnumMouseButton GetOrbitButton ()
void SetOrbitButton (EnumMouseButton val)
EnumMouseButton GetPickButton ()
void SetPickButton (EnumMouseButton val)
EnumKeyModifier GetPanKeyModifier ()
void SetPanKeyModifier (EnumKeyModifier val)
EnumKeyModifier GetOrbitKeyModifier ()
void SetOrbitKeyModifier (EnumKeyModifier val)
EnumKeyModifier GetPickKeyModifier ()
void SetPickKeyModifier (EnumKeyModifier val)
Scene GetScene ()
Scene2D GetScene2D ()
SelectionManager GetSelection ()
Camera GetCamera ()
void SetOrbitPivot (Vector3 center)
void SetUserOrbitPivot (Vector3 center)
void ClearPickFilters ()
void ResetPickFilters ()
void AddPickFilter (EnumShapeFilter filter)
void ClearPickFilter (EnumShapeFilter filter)
void SetPickFilter (long filter)
long GetPickFilter ()
void ResetDisplayFilters ()
void AddDisplayFilter (EnumShapeFilter filter)
void ClearDisplayFilter (EnumShapeFilter filter)
void ResetOrbitPivot ()
void ClearAll ()
void Destroy ()
void Resize (long width, long height)
void RequestUpdate (EnumUpdateFlags flag)
void ZoomToExtend (float ratio)
void UpdateWorld ()

Protected Member Functions

 ViewContext (long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn)
void finalize ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static long getCPtr (ViewContext obj)

Protected Attributes

transient boolean swigCMemOwn

Member Function Documentation

void ViewContext.SetOrbitPivot ( Vector3  center)

Set orbit pivot.

centerthe new orbit pivot.
void ViewContext.SetUserOrbitPivot ( Vector3  center)

Set the user defined orbit pivot.

centerthe new orbit pivot.