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MeshStandardMaterial Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MeshStandardMaterial:
MeshMaterial MaterialInstance GfxObject

Public Member Functions

void SetRoughness (float val)
float GetRoughness ()
void SetRoughnessMap (Texture map)
Texture GetRoughnessMap ()
void SetMetalness (float val)
float GetMetalness ()
void SetMetalnessMap (Texture map)
Texture GetMetalnessMap ()
void SetEnvMapIntensity (float val)
float GetEnvMapIntensity ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MeshMaterial
void SetColorMap (Texture map)
Texture GetColorMap ()
void SetEnviornmentMap (Texture map)
Texture GetEnviornmentMap ()
void SetRefractionRatio (float val)
float GetRefractionRatio ()
void SetAoMap (Texture map)
Texture GetAoMap ()
void SetAoMapIntensity (float val)
float GetAoMapIntensity ()
void SetLightMap (Texture map)
Texture GetLightMap ()
void SetLightMapIntensity (float val)
float GetLightMapIntensity ()
void SetEmissive (Vector3 val)
Vector3 GetEmissive ()
void SetEmissiveIntensity (float val)
float GetEmissiveIntensity ()
void SetEmissiveMap (Texture map)
Texture GetEmissiveMap ()
void SetBumpMap (Texture map)
Texture GetBumpMap ()
void SetBumpScale (float val)
float GetBumpScale ()
void SetNormalMap (Texture map)
Texture GetNormalMap ()
void SetNormalScale (Vector2 val)
Vector2 GetNormalScale ()
void SetNormalMapType (EnumNormalMapType val)
EnumNormalMapType GetNormalMapType ()
void SetDisplacementMap (Texture map)
Texture GetDisplacementMap ()
void SetDisplacementScale (float val)
float GetDisplacementScale ()
void SetDisplacementBias (float val)
float GetDisplacementBias ()
void SetAlphaMap (Texture map)
Texture GetAlphaMap ()
void SetSkinning (boolean val)
boolean GetSkinning ()
void SetMorphTargets (boolean val)
boolean GetMorphTargets ()
void SetMorphNormals (boolean val)
boolean GetMorphNormals ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MaterialInstance
String GetName ()
void SetName (String val)
long GetHashCodeId ()
MaterialTemplate GetTemplate ()
void SetTemplate (MaterialTemplate val)
long GetUpdateVersion ()
short GetLineWidth ()
void SetLineWidth (short val)
boolean GetDepthTest ()
void SetDepthTest (boolean val)
boolean GetDepthWrite ()
void SetDepthWrite (boolean val)
UniformSet GetUniforms ()
EnumBlendingMode GetBlending ()
void SetBlending (EnumBlendingMode val)
void SetColor (Vector3 val)
Vector3 GetColor ()
void SetOpacity (float val)
float GetOpacity ()
void SetFaceSide (EnumFaceSide val)
EnumFaceSide GetFaceSide ()
void SetVertexColors (boolean val)
boolean GetVertexColors ()
void SetVertexColors4 (boolean val)
boolean GetVertexColors4 ()
void SetColor (short r, short g, short b)
void SetColor (float r, float g, float b)
void SetTransparent (boolean enabled)
boolean GetTransparent ()
boolean GetReceiveShadow ()
boolean GetStatic ()
long GetMorphTargetCount ()
void RequestUpdate ()
void ComputeHashCode ()
void AddDefine (String key, String value)
void AddTexture (String name, Texture texture)
Texture GetTexture (String name)
void SetUniform (String name, Uniform val)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GfxObject
long GetUuid ()
void SetUuid (long val)

Static Public Member Functions

static MeshStandardMaterial Cast (MeshMaterial obj)
static MeshStandardMaterial Create (String templateName)
static MeshStandardMaterial Cast (MaterialInstance material)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from MaterialInstance
static MaterialInstance Cast (GfxObject obj)

Detailed Description

<> The standard PBR material.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Cast()

static MeshStandardMaterial MeshStandardMaterial.Cast ( MaterialInstance  material)

Reimplemented from MeshMaterial.