AnyCAD Rapid SDK  2021
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MemoryImage Member List

This is the complete list of members for MemoryImage, including all inherited members.

delete() (defined in MemoryImage)MemoryImage
finalize() (defined in MemoryImage)MemoryImageprotected
GetChannel() (defined in Image)Image
getCPtr(MemoryImage obj) (defined in MemoryImage)MemoryImageprotectedstatic
getCPtr(Image obj) (defined in Image)Imageprotectedstatic
GetData() (defined in MemoryImage)MemoryImage
GetDataType() (defined in Image)Image
GetFormat() (defined in Image)Image
GetHeight() (defined in Image)Image
GetInternalFormat() (defined in Image)Image
GetWidth() (defined in Image)Image
Image(long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn) (defined in Image)Imageprotected
MemoryImage(long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn) (defined in MemoryImage)MemoryImageprotected
MemoryImage(ArrayBuffer arrayBuffer, long width, long height, EnumTextureInternalFormat internalFormat, EnumTextureFormat format, EnumDataType dataType) (defined in MemoryImage)MemoryImage
SetChannel(long val) (defined in Image)Image
SetDataType(EnumDataType val) (defined in Image)Image
SetFormat(EnumTextureFormat val) (defined in Image)Image
SetHeight(long val) (defined in Image)Image
SetInternalFormat(EnumTextureInternalFormat val) (defined in Image)Image
SetWidth(long val) (defined in Image)Image
swigSetCMemOwn(boolean own) (defined in MemoryImage)MemoryImageprotected