AnyCAD Rapid SDK  2020
The Rapid CAD SDK
GAx2d Member List

This is the complete list of members for GAx2d, including all inherited members.

Angle(GAx2d Other)GAx2d
delete() (defined in GAx2d)GAx2d
finalize() (defined in GAx2d)GAx2dprotected
GAx2d(long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn) (defined in GAx2d)GAx2dprotected
GAx2d(GPnt2d P, GDir2d V)GAx2d
getCPtr(GAx2d obj) (defined in GAx2d)GAx2dprotectedstatic
IsCoaxial(GAx2d Other, double AngularTolerance, double LinearTolerance)GAx2d
IsNormal(GAx2d Other, double AngularTolerance)GAx2d
IsOpposite(GAx2d Other, double AngularTolerance)GAx2d
IsParallel(GAx2d Other, double AngularTolerance)GAx2d
Mirror(GPnt2d P) (defined in GAx2d)GAx2d
Mirror(GAx2d A) (defined in GAx2d)GAx2d
Mirrored(GPnt2d P)GAx2d
Mirrored(GAx2d A)GAx2d
Rotate(GPnt2d P, double Ang) (defined in GAx2d)GAx2d
Rotated(GPnt2d P, double Ang)GAx2d
Scale(GPnt2d P, double S) (defined in GAx2d)GAx2d
Scaled(GPnt2d P, double S)GAx2d
SetDirection(GDir2d V)GAx2d
SetLocation(GPnt2d Locat)GAx2d
swigCMemOwn (defined in GAx2d)GAx2dprotected
Transform(GTrsf2d T) (defined in GAx2d)GAx2d
Transformed(GTrsf2d T)GAx2d
Translate(GVec2d V) (defined in GAx2d)GAx2d
Translate(GPnt2d P1, GPnt2d P2) (defined in GAx2d)GAx2d
Translated(GVec2d V)GAx2d
Translated(GPnt2d P1, GPnt2d P2)GAx2d