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DoubleList Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for DoubleList:

Public Member Functions

synchronized void delete ()
 DoubleList (double[] initialElements)
 DoubleList (Iterable< Double > initialElements)
Double get (int index)
Double set (int index, Double e)
boolean add (Double e)
void add (int index, Double e)
Double remove (int index)
int size ()
 DoubleList (DoubleList other)
long capacity ()
void reserve (long n)
boolean isEmpty ()
void clear ()
 DoubleList (int count, double value)

Protected Member Functions

 DoubleList (long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn)
void finalize ()
void removeRange (int fromIndex, int toIndex)

Static Protected Member Functions

static long getCPtr (DoubleList obj)

Protected Attributes

transient boolean swigCMemOwn