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BufferShape Class Reference

Public Member Functions

synchronized void delete ()
 BufferShape (TopoShape shape, MaterialInstance faceMaterial, MaterialInstance edgeMaterial, double deflection)
TopoShape GetShape ()
void SetShape (TopoShape val)
AxisAlignedBox GetBoundingBox ()
void SetBoundingBox (AxisAlignedBox val)
boolean GetReady ()
double GetDeflection ()
MaterialInstance GetEdgeMaterial ()
MaterialInstance GetFaceMaterial ()
boolean IsNull ()
boolean Build ()
void SetFaceMaterial (MaterialInstance material)
void SetEdgeMaterial (MaterialInstance material)

Protected Member Functions

 BufferShape (long cPtr, boolean cMemoryOwn)
void swigSetCMemOwn (boolean own)
void finalize ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static long getCPtr (BufferShape obj)

Detailed Description


The bridge between BufferGeometry and SceneNode.

Member Function Documentation

boolean BufferShape.Build ( )

Create from shape